This looks amazing - thank you so much for everything!  The client emailed today to say how happy they were with your team and to thank Jason personally.  Please pass that on. 

 Thank you, Laura B. - American Interiors



Hi John & Dennis,

Your team has received HUGE praises by Tracy and our client on the Grant Thornton Cleveland project. And that is not easily accomplished.

 Thank you for all your diligence, patience and attention to detail, and most of all…for caring about our client as much as we do.

We very much appreciate all you do on all our projects.

We’re nothing without you.

 -Cricket and the whole team at Henricksen





I just spoke with Dominic @ the prosecutors’ office on the installation of their office cubicles. He is very pleased with the product and said the installers were great, very easy to work with.  He just completed getting his staff back in today and said they are all very happy with their new workspaces!  Thanks to all!

Krista C.
Friends Office


Hey Brad,

Just wanted to say thank you for your team’s excellent work on the Reminger job. All things considered I think the project went very very well and you guys were as excellent as always. Jason really is a Rockstar and working with him, almost daily, has been a pleasure.

Thank you again, and looking forward to the next one!

Jon D - W.B Mason


Hi Brad,

You know, you guys are quickly becoming my favorites.  You are fast, accurate, helpful, responsive…I love working with you!  Thank you for everything!
Laura B. - American Interiors
Kudos to Dennis, Devon, Jude & Joe on a great start to this Install. They all have been exceptional to work with & I look forward to future work with them! As Team Lead, Dennis is truly a " Cut Above".

Jeffrey E. Milbrandt

Project Manager | A. Pomerantz & Co.



Thanks so much!  Your guys are fabulous and I appreciate them working in these conditions for us and going above and beyond! They are with out a doubt the best crew!!  The client also wanted me to tell you how great the crew was and he really appreciates all their efforts!  Please pass our messages along!
Thank you, Kim P. - WB Mason

These guys do a great job! I hired them to build out cubed furniture that we had on site in my office. Their quote was fair and exactly what I was invoiced. They arrived on the date and time indicated and did exactly what they said they would. They went over and above by coming back the next day to install a few outlets we were missing, after locating them for me from a used furniture company, picking them up and at no additional cost! Friendly and professional team. I would highly recommend them.

Sherri Zahtilla-CSS

Hello Brad-

I just wanted to let you know that Jason and Nate were here today and they were absolutely fantastic!  They worked hard to make sure everybody was happy (and this can be a tough crowd to please).  They worked quickly and efficiently but also made sure things were done right.  They were very professional and an overall pleasure to deal with.  I just wanted to make sure you know that they certainly make your company look good.  Thanks again. 

Diane Giorgi - 

Reminger Co., L.P.A.


Hi Janet,

Everything looks great.  Your team, as well as the installers, have been great. Thank you again for coming through and doing a wonderful job for us.

Angela M. Higham

Executive Assistant

Sotera Health




Oh, on side note, the client, Jeff Dietz, he wanted to extended his gratitude for having a great crew and for being very professional. Well done!!! It’s great to hear positive feedback from clients after install (very rare!) but maybe that is how Ohioans are, yes?

You bet I will keep you in mind for other jobs…!!! You set the bar high on this job….oh-oh!!!!

Janette Hermelin senior account manager

Corporate Business Interiors



I wanted to write a short note of appreciation to you and your company for doing a great job done at Bob Evans/New Albany, OH.
Specifically, I want to express my appreciation to Dennis Novack and his hard work with the project. He and his crew did a fantastic job especially with the conditions they had to work with. Dennis and I communicated well in the time that I was on site, as well as when I was not on site. Construction project like this are unpredictable, as far as the working conditions are concerned, and Dennis and his crew did very well to overcome obstacles and not become obstacles to other trades.
I don't want to miss anyone on the crew, so I'll just call them "THE CREW"!!!
I know the Customer is very pleased with the product and the installation.
Once again, Thank you for the Great job with this installation, and we look forward to hopefully working together in the future.


Michael d. Ragusky, Sr. Project Manager



See below from our contact at the DEA.

Nate and Jason just finished setting up our work spaces and they look fantastic.
Please pass on to your people how very happy we are with the quality of work and professionalism they displayed. They worked with us to ensure everything we needed was set up quickly and adjusted to each of our individual location's limitations.

Thank you for all the great work!

Quinn D. Auten
Group Supervisor
Cleveland District Office

I cant express enough how invaluable Jason is with our clients!
Thank you!



Wanted to take a moment to tell you how please we were with work your installer Jude did for us. He was thorough, efficient, knowledgable, friendly and took extra care to ensure our conference rooms were cleaned up after the work was completed. Jude is a good representation of your company and a pleasure to work with.



Brian Mooney                                                                                                                                                                           IT Director of Infrastructure                                                                                                                                       IntelliCorp Records, Inc.



Jason and Nate did an awesome job today. Hopefully I can use these two on my next move with Huntington.

Thank you,                                                                                                                      Facilities Manager                                                                                                          Dan Pearce 



I want to thank you and John for squeezing in my  School job; that means a lot. Going forward I will give you time to plan ahead, but thanks for getting it done yesterday and today.

Thank you, Conor Regin

W.B. Mason Company


No problem Conor. We really appreciate your business and we'll always do our best to accommodate you.

Thank you, Brad


We are a lucky branch to have an installation company to work with like yours.

Thank you,

Conor Regin

W.B. Mason Company




Thanks for your help in getting the training room reset so quickly.  Your crew was terrific!!   
They take pride in their work and are always more than willing to do whatever it takes to make the completed project a success!!  They are always polite and conscience about cleaning up after the work is done!! 

Please pass along my compliments!! 

Denise Ulrich 
Facilities Coordinator 


I so agree, Bob.  Your installers are so good, and they represent your company very well.  You are amazing too.  I so appreciate all of your flexibility with this project.  If you every need a reference, please feel free to use me.  I will sing your praises! 

Maggie York 
Facility Management Planning Manager 




Thank you Brad,

I want to extend my sincere appreciation to your team. They were exceptional and we enjoyed working with them.

Have a great day!


Project Manager | ProSource Solutions, LLC





Just wanted to let you know that your guys did a great job and the client was thrilled.

Thanks for all your help.

Dean Philippo

W.B. Mason Company 




Thank you all for all of the help through this project!  Your team’s expertise and professionalism is unparalleled.

Have a great weekend!

Kate Herrera|Furniture Sales Trainer

W.B. Mason Company


Hi Brad,

Jason & Willie were both great to work with!  Extremely professional and knowledgeable.  Yes, please dispose of the leftover pieces. 

I’ll be in contact regarding next Wednesday’s install.  We will need some shims made for the wall mounts.  Dennis and I took a look at the space yesterday. 

Thank you for all of your help – I look forward to working with you and your team.

Kate Herrera|Account Executive

W.B. Mason Company


Bob –

Please tell Dennis and Jude thanks for a job well done! We greatly appreciate all your efforts!! Please read below!

Mark, Ohio Desk

Mark and Mary Ann, 

I wanted to pass along that Dennis and Jude did a fantastic job for us today.  They were punctual, polite, organized, efficient and very accommodating! We could not be happier with them or the job they did.  Please pass along our sincerest appreciation to them from us. 

Deb, University Hospital


Hi Bob-

Your guys did a FANTASTIC job.  We really love how it turned out up here in my area!  Both gentleman were great, very helpful and easy to work with.  Thanks again for all you and the two guys did for us!  We appreciate it.

Beth- FBI Cleveland Division



Brad you have quickly escalated to becoming my favorite install team. Your quickness, attentiveness, communication, and ability to calmly deal with issues that arise is very hard to come by.






Hi Robert!

My name is Jennifer Radin and I’m in charge of the facilities here at Skylight Financial Group. I wanted to let you know that Jason came out today on a service call to assist with an issue we were having with a lock and I just thought you should know how friendly and helpful he always is. He’s come out to service our office a number of times before, and he always gives us great service and is extremely nice….and he fixes the problem, which is the most important thing! Anyway, I had asked him for a business card and he said he only carries your card, so I just thought I would give some feedback, as I know we’re always happy to hear thoughts on our employees.

Please keep sending out Jason to our space whenever we have a call – we love him!!!

Thanks and have a great day J




Just wanted to let you know about the great service I received from Jameson and Chuck in selecting, delivering and installing the partitions for my Palace event.They were very courteous and helpful with the planning and offered good advice and various options. Jameson in particular was very helpful and flexible with the schedule. He searched for partition hangars and eventually found enough. Then he tested them with some heavy pictures to ensure they'd hold my frames. He and Chuck delivered the partitions on Saturday morning at 10:30, installed them and stayed a little longer to help position them relative to the stage lights. As I understand they already picked up the partitions today.

A great team all around.

Thank you for allowing them to support my event. It was very successful and the set up on the Palace stage looked fantastic.

Many people commented on the professional look of it and your team's efforts were a significant contribution.

John- Palace Theatre Event



It is what we strive to do at Timken every day. I also want to Thank Integrity Installations for having full teams on site during the holiday week & for refinishing the wood tablet arms that had finish damage during storage. They did this in time for Tuesday’s opening without even telling us. I also heard great reviews from the associates while having lunch there on Tuesday.

Regards,Jon A. Rovniak - Business Interiors By Staples




Just a quick note to let you know how nice the renovations look. The feedback I have to date has been outstanding. More later – but wanted to let you know how good I think it looks.

Special thanks to you and your team. – The Timken Company



Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how well the installation went in Duncan , SC. Willie and Jameson worked very well with the crew from Hilldrup and made great progress while they were on-site. I was able to send pics on the first day, of the furniture unloaded, staged and the frames already up! As usual, they were professional and worked long hours, demonstrating the work ethic and quality that Timken expects. Please pass along our thanks and appreciation!

Tammy Randall- Business Interiors By Staples



I echo Tammy's comments. We were both pleasantly surprised on how much progress had been
made on the first day; the crews worked well together and we were able to meet our aggressive timeline to provide a working environment for our distribution center associates. Thanks,





I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a great job you and Willie and all the guys are doing for Corporate Express down here at Timken. I know that changes happen fast here and I don't always have the details worked out for you, but when the guys show up, they respond with a positive attitude and
always give 150%. Willie is so knowledgeable of the Steelcase products that sometimes I rely on him for advice... when I'm not sure if we can do something, I don't hesitate to ask him. All of the guys are great to work with and always maintain a professional attitude, which I know Timken appreciates as well.

As we move forward into what will be a very busy summer, I know I can count on you to accommodate our demanding schedules, and the crews to do whatever it takes to make us look good. I'm grateful to have you guys on our team. Please share this with John and Bob, and give my sincerest thanks to all the guys....

Thanks again!







Many thanks to you and your great crew for your assistance. It made the move much easier.


Best, Chip & Debbie Coakley




John, Brad & Bob,


I want to thank you for the exceptional service I received from your company. As usual the job went off without a hitch and my customer is very happy. I am definitely looking forward to working with you again!


Mickey Heckman,

Interspace Office Furniture