National Furniture Installation Services

Integrity Installations is your resource for local and national installation of modular office furniture and demountable walls. Based in the Cleveland Ohio area, Integrity Installations is your best choice for setting up work-space that is efficient and makes good business sense. Let us help you create an environment for success!

Integrity Installations Inc.


Integrity Installations is an independent furniture service company that was established in 2001. Because of our independence, we can represent your company without any conflicts on the sale of furniture. We are dedicated to serving your company and your customers regardless of the furniture you sell or own.

Our installation and project management team has 100+ years of combined experience and with our extensive knowledge. We have the ability to problem solve unexpected issues and are extremely efficient. We know that in our business, things do not always go as planned. We feel that with our effectiveness, those unexpected turns will easily straighten out.

There is no substitute for quality. Our team knows this. We take pride in every job we perform. From a simple delivery to a thousand workstations, we want to do the best job possible. At Integrity Installations, we use our professionalism, our efficiency and our quality workmanship to represent your company and your customers.